Besenyszög City Municipal Government

Eight municipal building energy modernization: facade and ceiling insulation, window replacement, heating modernization and construction of four institutions’ combined 300 kW geothermal heating system.

Nincs kép

City of Vép

Energy modernization of three self-sustained buildings by exterior thermal insulation, replacement of doors and windows, reconstruction of the heating system, setting of room temperature-dependent regulation. The project was implemented within the framework of the European Union’s EEOP.

Continental Dohányipari Zrt. (Sátoraljaújhely)

Heating Upgrade: separation from central heating, incorporation of 600 kW of condensing boiler capacity, development of room temperature-compensated control of compressor waste heat recovery domestic hot water system.

Lighting Upgrade: 432 units. Replacement of fixtures with modern, dust and moisture proof 2x28W and 2x49W fixtures.

Első Magyar Curling Ltd. (Budapest)

Installation of phase correction equipment, lighting upgrading.

Hotel Karos SPA (Zalakaros)

High-speed automatic control of the gas engine for the heating and cooling system of the building, thereby optimizing the cost of electricity generation.

Hungerit Zrt. (Szentes)

Modernization of the central heating infrastructure; insulation, replacement of condensate vessels, installation of flue gas heat recovery equipment, utilization of technological waste heat, installation of phase correction equipment.

Nincs kép

Icopal Ltd. (Zalaegerszeg)

Modernizing the cooling system, installing an adiabatic chiller.

István Bocskai Reformed Educational Center (Halásztelek)

Facade thermal insulation and replacement of doors and windows, heating and lighting upgrades.

Kenderes City Council

In the inner city, 688 lighting units. The public lighting fixtures have been entirely upgraded, and our company has been running this since 2012.

Local Government of Nagykörű

The roof structure of the Petrovay György Catholic Primary School includes 154 of solar modules with a 220 W / module solar power system. The overall system’s performance is 33.88 kW.

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